Language packs are one of the types of packages available in MDT and enable a multilingual Windows environment. Windows 7 and Windows Vista are language neutral, and all language and locale resources are added to Windows 7 and Windows Vista through language packs ( files). By adding one or more language packs to Windows 7 and Windows Vista, those languages can be enabled when installing the operating system. As a result, the same Windows 7 or Windows Vista image can be deployed to regions with different language and locale settings, reducing development and deployment time.

See the following references for additional information about language packs in Windows 7 and Windows Vista:

·     For instructions on installing language packs during deployment, see Running the Deployment Wizard.

·     For the configuration properties for installing language packs automatically, see the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

·     For more information about Windows 7 and Windows Vista language packs, see “Manage Language Packs for Windows” in the Windows AIK.

If installing Windows XP MUI language packs, add each language pack as an application to the distribution share. Then, install the language pack as part of the task sequence, or allow the user to choose a language pack during deployment. For language packs, create a subgroup called Language Packs in the State Restore group, and then add language packs to it.

Doing so installs language packs automatically, keeps them organized, and provides control over the installation order. To prevent users from seeing language packs in the list of applications during deployment, in the Application Properties dialog box (where Application is the name of the language pack added to the distribution share), clear the Enable this application check box.

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