In most instances, the existing Apply Patches task sequence step is sufficient for installing packages to target computers. However, there are instances in which the existing Apply Patches task sequence step may not be sufficient for your requirements or you may need to install a package at a different place in the task sequence.

For example, the packages may need to be installed in a specific order or may have dependencies, such as installing a service pack before installing hotfixes. First, create folders and selection profiles for each grouping of packages that you wanted to install separately. Then, install the groups of packages by creating a new task sequence step for each group based on the Install Updates Offline–type task sequence step.

Tip   You can disable the existing Apply Patches step in the task sequence and add all packages manually using the task sequence controls. The benefit of this approach is that you easily select and insert packages into the task sequence in any order necessary. This simplifies management of a large number of packages.

To create a new task sequence step for installing packages

1.   Create a new task sequences step based on the Install Updates Offline type at the appropriate place in the task sequence hierarchy as described in Configure the Task Sequence Properties Task Sequence Tab.

2.   Configure the new task sequence step to deploy one or more packages by selecting the appropriate selection profile containing the packages to be installed as described in Configure an Existing Install Applications Task Sequence Step.

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