Table 164 lists the MDT properties for LTI deployments that control saving and restoring user state information. You can configure these properties in the CustomSettings.ini file or in the MDT DB. For more information about the properties in Table 164, see the corresponding section for each property in the MDT document Toolkit Reference.

Table 164. User State Information Properties for LTI Deployments




List of parameters passed to the Loadstate.exe tool


List of parameters passed to the Scanstate.exe tool


Indicates where the user state migration data should be saved


The folder in which the user state migration data is stored (This folder exists beneath the network shared folder specified in the UDShare property.)


A comma-delimited list of user profiles that the Scanstate.exe tool must save during the State Capture Phase


The network share in which user state migration data is stored


Indicates whether an USMT offline migraiton should be performed. An offline migration is performed while the computer is started in Windows PE instead of the operating system currently installed on the target computer.


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