Viewing Alerts

An alert is a message that indicates a failure or problem with a printing device. By viewing and alert and its details, you can often troubleshoot and solve many printer problems.

To view alerts:

  1. Click Monitoring.

  2. In Monitoring pane, choose Xerox Printer>Alerts.

  3. All alerts for the Xerox printer will be indicated in the Alerts pane.

  4. 4. The Alerts pane identifies the following alert attributes: IP address, name, resolution state, and the date the alert was created. To view more alert details, select a printer. The Alert Details pane opens below the alerts list.

  5. Note: For more information on alert details, see Appendix A.

To view possible alert remedies:

  1. From the Alerts pane, select a printer. .

  2. Go to the Actions pane. From the SNMP Network Devices Tasks, select Open Web Console of Xerox Device.

  3. The printer’s Web Console opens, providing an additional level of details for printer status and configuration.

  4. Click Error. The Close the Front Cover screen opens, providing a diagram and instructions for the solution.