This troubleshooting section identifies and provides solutions to correct some of the common performance issues and error messages you may experience while using CentreWare Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

One printer is not discovered, but other network devices are discovered

Ping the printer from a command shell prompt. If ping is unsuccessful, there is either a problem with the printer's network connection or the printer is configured incorrectly. If the ping is successful, attempt to open the printer's Web page. Examine the printer's network properties for tcp/ip and change as necessary.

SNMP Network Device Tasks do not show up in the Action pane

When you choose Network Device>Network Devices State or Xerox Printer>Alerts or Usage counters, and the network device tasks don’t show up in the Actions pane, select a device in the Alerts pane.

If the Tasks don’t show up after selecting the device, go to the Administration view and reload the Xerox Printer Management Pack. The SNMP Network Device Tasks should now be displayed in the Actions pane.