Software Upgrade

The Xerox Printer Management pack provides the capability to upgrade system software on many Xerox products that support remote downloading of software.  The management pack supports devices that use a .dlm file to upgrade device software.   The software upgrade interface in SCOM will allow a software upgrade file to be delivered to multiple devices. The application will send the files to the device one at a time and then verify the upgrade before sending the next file.  Once complete it will move to the next selected device.

NOTE: It is important that software installation instructions are read thoroughly. Software upgrades are specific to device Models and software versions.  This document does not replace the documentation provided with the software upgrade files.

Upgrading Software:

1.      Open the SCOM 2007 Operations Console.. • Start >Programs >System Center Operations Manager 2007> Operations Console.

2.      In the Operations view, click the Monitoringbutton.


3.      Select the Network Devices Stateview.

4.      In the SNMP Network Device Tasksselect Upgrade Xerox Device. The following screen will open and populate. Xerox devices will be listed along with the current software version installed on the machine.


5.      Select the device(s) from the list to be upgraded by selecting the checkbox next to the device(s) .

6 .   Clickthe Selectbutton and browse to the software upgrade file. Up to three files can be sent to each device.  Refer to the software upgrade documentation to obtain the correct order of software upgrade files. The files will be sent in order starting with File 1.

NOTE:  The process of upgrading software can take up to 40 minutes for each file for each device.  The device must not be powered off or on while this upgrade is taking place or the machine may require service to correct the situation.

7.      Select Upgrade to initiate the software upgrade process.

8.      The status window will display the current state of the upgrade process.  When the status window displays that all selected devices have been upgraded you can close the window by selecting Exit.

NOTE: The version information displayed in the SCOM console in the device description will not be automatically updated after the software upgrade is complete.  In order to update this information the device must be deleted and rediscovered within System Center Operations Manager Operations window.