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Type Style Definition


Specifies names of sections and entries in files following the .ini format, command names, command-line options, any text you must type exactly as it appears, as well as user interface (UI) elements in procedures. For example,

To determine your IP address, type IPconfig, and then press ENTER.


Specifies parameter variables, titles, and definitions. In the case of parameters, you can supply the text for any item shown in italic. For example, filename

Ellipsis (…)

Specifies parameters that can be repeated several times.

Between brackets ([])

Specifies optional items.

Between braces ({}); choices separated by the pipe symbol (|).

Specifies a set of choices from which you must choose only one. For example,

{Even | Odd}


Specifies code samples and syntax examples.


Specifies acronyms and key names.

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