Sent to a WIMMessageCallback function to enable the caller to change the size or the name of a piece of a split Windows image (.wim) file.


  wParam = (PWSTR *) ppszPartPath;
  lParam = (LARGE_INTEGER *) pliPartSize;



[in out] A pointer to an Pwstr pointer containing the full file path of the .wim part that is about to be created by the WIMSplitFile function. This value can be replaced by a caller-specified string to override the path and/or the location of the file.


[in out] A pointer to a LARGE_INTEGER value that specifies the maximum size for the .wim part about to be created by the WIMSplitFile function. By default, this value is the original value passed in to the WIMSplitFile function.

Return Value

Your routine must return WIM_MSG_SUCCESS.


The default behavior is to use the size value specified in the call to the WIMSplitFile function for all .wim file pieces and a variation of the original file name, but, by replacing the values passed in by this message, the calling application can alter the file names and sizes.

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