Reactivates a mounted image that was previously mounted to the specified directory.

	 PCWSTR  pszMountPath,
	 DWORD   dwFlags



[in] A pointer to the full file path of the directory to which the .wim file must be remounted. This parameter is required and cannot be NULL.


[in] Reserved. Must be zero.

Return Value

Returns TRUE and sets the LastError to ERROR_SUCCESS on the successful completion of this function. Returns FALSE in case of a failure and sets the LastError to the appropriate Win32® error value.


The WIMRemountImage function maps the contents of the given image in a .wim file to the specified mount directory. After the successful completion of this operation, users or applications can access the contents of the image mapped under the mount directory. Use the WIMUnmountImage function to unmount the image from the mount directory.

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