Package Delivery to Devices

There are two features in Configuration Manager 2007 that deliver packages or software to devices. Both features use advertisements to send notifications to a collection of devices that specify that a program, software update deployment, or task sequence is available.

The following table shows the delivery features in Configuration Manager, feature descriptions, the wizards that you can use for package delivery, and the type of packages that the features support.

Configuration Manager feature Description Wizard Package types

Software Distribution

A feature that can be used to distribute packages with software applications to the devices in the enterprise. Use the Manage Distribution Points Wizard to copy, update, refresh, or delete package data on distribution points so that programs in the current package can be advertised to devices. Use the Distribute Software Wizard to distribute an existing software distribution package or create a new package and then distribute it to devices. For more information about software distribution, see Software Distribution in Configuration Manager Help. For more information about the Manage Distribution Points Wizard, see Manage Distribution Points Wizard in Configuration Manager Help. For more information about the Distribute Software Wizard, see Distribute Software Wizard in Configuration Manager Help.

Manage Distribution Points Wizard

Distribute Software Wizard

Configuration packages

Software Updates

A feature that consists of a set of tools and resources to help track and apply software updates to devices in the enterprise. Software updates are delivered to devices in Configuration Manager by creating software update deployments. Use the Deploy Software Updates Wizard to create deployments. For more information about software updates, see Software Updates in Configuration Manager Help.For more information about the Deploy Software Updates Wizard, see Deploy Software Updates Wizard in Configuration Manager Help.

Deploy Software Updates Wizard

Deployment packages