Devices Managed by Device Manager 2011

Device Manager 2011 is designed to manage devices. These devices must have an operating system image that was optimized for management with Device Manager 2011 by the device manufacturer.

The following table shows the operating systems that such devices can run, grouped by device category.

Device category Operating systems

Thin client

Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded Standard 7

Point of service (POS)

Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded for Point of Service, Windows Embedded POSReady 2009

Digital signage

Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded Standard 7

The operating systems listed in the previous table require that the device manufacturer include the necessary dependencies for the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 client agent. Support is limited for generic enterprise-class devices running Windows XP Embedded or Windows Embedded Standard 2009, and Windows Embedded Standard 7. All operating systems must have the latest service packs applied to stay within the Microsoft Support Lifecycle policy. For more information about applying service packs, see Microsoft Support Lifecycle Service Pack Support Policy Revisions on