Monitor Deployments

You can monitor the status of deployments using the Device Imaging home page and several new predefined reports.

The Device Imaging console tree node is the home page for the Device Imaging feature in Device Manager 2011. The Device Imaging home page provides the following information:

  • A table listing all deployments created in the last 30 days.
  • A row for each deployment that provides detailed status for that deployment.
  • A graphical chart for each deployment that provides a summary of status for that deployment. You can access this chart by clicking a deployment in the table.

The Device Imaging home page is updated every hour. You can also manually run an update at any time.

Device Manager 2011 installs several predefined device imaging reports that you can use to view detailed status information for each device in an individual deployment. You can schedule and view the device imaging reports the same way you do other reports in the Configuration Manager console. The new reports are as follows:

  • Devices waiting for image deployment
  • Devices with an image deployment in progress
  • Devices with successful completion of an image deployment
  • Devices retrying an image deployment
  • Devices not able to complete an image deployment
  • Status of a specific image deployment
The Devices retrying an image deployment report is not available for use at this time.
Running an Update to the Device Imaging Home Page

Information about how to manually run an update to the Device Imaging home page.

Configuring Reporting for a Deployment

Information about how to configure reporting options for deployments.