Adding Write Filter Support to Advertisements

This section provides instructions for adding write filter support to advertisements using the New Advertisement with Write Filter Handling Wizard. This wizard is almost exactly like the New Advertisement Wizard, except it has an additional page at the start of the wizard. If write filters are not installed on a device, the advertisement will install new software and ignore the commands to disable and restore write filters.

To successfully distribute software using an advertisement to a device that uses write filters, you must first create a configuration package and corresponding program appropriately.

Before you begin to create an advertisement, make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to perform the task. For more information, see Managing Security Using Device Manager 2011.

Device Manager 2011 restarts devices from the operating system each time the write filters are disabled and restored. Depending on how you have scheduled the software deployment, there may be pauses during this process.
  1. Click System Center Configuration Manager, expand Computer Management, expand Embedded Device Management, and then expand Write Filter Servicing.

  2. Right-click Advertisements with Write Filter Handling and select New. This starts the New Advertisement with Write Filter Handling Wizard.

  3. On the first page of the New Advertisement with Write Filter Handling Wizard, select the following two check boxes:

    • To acknowledge that you want to disable write filters and that you realize the devices have to be restarted, select I understand that the devices will be restarted and the write filters will be temporarily disabled. Devices will be vulnerable to unattended persistent modifications as long as write filters are disabled and may lose data when restarted.
    • To allow unattended installation, select Package supports unattended installation. Users of the affected devices will be unable to log on during the servicing process.
  4. Click Next.

  5. Complete the rest of the wizard as you would the New Advertisement Wizard. For more information, see New Advertisement Wizard in Configuration Manager Help.