Updating the Properties of a Deployment

This section provides instructions for updating the properties of a deployment.

Depending on the state of the device imaging request, you may not be able to update information in some of the fields.
  1. In Configuration Manager Console, under System Center Configuration Manager, expand Computer Management, expand Embedded Device Management, and then expand Device Imaging.

  2. Click Deployments, right-click the deployment that you want to update, and then click Properties.

  3. On the General tab, you can update the following:

    • Deployment name
    • Comments
    • Device imaging component
    • Specific operating system image to be deployed
    • Deployment server
    • Collection and subcollections to receive the device imaging request
  4. On the Schedule tab, you can update the following:

    • The date and time the device imaging request starts
    • The date and time the deployment expires