Deletes an image from a server.


For boot images:

WDSUTIL [Options] /Remove-Image /Image:<Image name> [/Server:<Server name>] /ImageType:Boot /Architecture:{x86 | ia64 | x64} [/Filename:<Filename>]

For install images:

WDSUTIL [Options] /Remove-Image /Image:<Image name> [/Server:<Server name>] /ImageType:Install [/ImageGroup:<Image group name>] [/Filename:<Filename>]


Parameter Description

/Image:<Image name>

Specifies the name of the image.

[/Server:<Server name>]

Specifies the name of the server. This can be either the NetBIOS name or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). If no server name is specified, the local server will be used.

/ImageType:{Boot | Install}

Specifies the type of image.

/Architecture:{x86 | ia64 | x64}

Specifies the architecture of the image. Because it is possible to have the same image name for different boot images in different architectures, specifying the architecture value ensures that the correct image will be removed.

[/ImageGroup:<Image group name>]

Specifies the image group that contains the image. If no image group name is specified and only one image group exists on the server, that image group will be used. If more than one image group exists, you must use this option to specify the image group.

[/Filename:<File name>]

If the image cannot be uniquely identified by name, you must use this option to specify the file name.


To remove a boot image, type:

WDSUTIL /Remove-Image /Image:"WinPE Boot Image" /ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x86
WDSUTIL /Verbose /Remove-Image /Image:"WinPE Boot Image" /Server:MyWDSServer /ImageType:Boot /Architecture:x64 /Filename:boot.wim

To remove an install image, type:

WDSUTIL /Remove-Image /Image:"Windows Vista with Office" /ImageType:Install
WDSUTIL /Verbose /Remove-Image /Image:"Windows Vista with Office" /Server:MyWDSServer /ImageType:Install /ImageGroup:ImageGroup1 /Filename:install.wim