Retrieves Windows Deployment Services information about a prestaged computer (that is, a physical computer that has been lined to a computer account in Active Directory Domain Services.


WDSUTIL /Get-Device {/Device:<Device name> | /ID:<MAC or UUID>} [/Domain:<Domain>] [/Forest:{Yes | No}]


Parameter Description

/Device:<Device name>

Specifies the name of the computer (SAMAccountName).


Specifies either the MAC address or the UUID (GUID) of the computer, as shown in the following examples. Note that a valid GUID must be in one of two formats —binary string or GUID string

  • Binary string: /ID:ACEFA3E81F20694E953EB2DAA1E8B1B6

  • MAC address: 00B056882FDC (no dashes) or 00-B0-56-88-2F-DC (with dashes)

  • GUID string: /ID:E8A3EFAC-201F-4E69-953-B2DAA1E8B1B6


Specifies the domain to be searched for the prestaged computer. The default value for this parameter is the local domain.

[/Forest:{Yes | No}]

Specifies whether Windows Deployment Services should search the entire forest or the local domain. The default value is No, meaning that only the local domain will be searched.


To get information by using the computer name, type:

WDSUTIL /Get-Device /Device:Computer1

To get information by using the MAC address, type:

WDSUTIL /Verbose /Get-Device /ID:"00-B0-56-88-2F-DC" /Domain:MyDomain

To get information by using the GUID string, type:

WDSUTIL /Verbose /Get-Device /ID:E8A3EFAC-201F-4E69-953-B2DAA1E8B1B6 /Forest:Yes