This topic contains procedures for performing common tasks using Windows Deployment Services MMC snap-in. and the WDSUTIL command line tool. The management tasks that you can perform with these tools fall into the following categories:

Category Example tasks

How to Manage Your Server

  • Initialize and uninitialize a server

  • View configuration information about the server

  • Start/stop or enable/disable a server

  • Update the RemoteInstall folder

  • Set advanced server settings

How to Manage Client Computers

  • Create and delete prestaged accounts in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)

  • View information about prestaged computers

  • Configure settings for prestaged computers

  • Reject/approve pending computers

How to Manage Images

  • View information about images and image groups

  • Create images

  • Add, copy, export, remove, update images from the image store

  • Set attributes and associate unattend files for install images.

  • Convert RIPREP images

  • Add and remove image groups

  • Set attributes of an image group

How to Create Multicast Transmissions

  • Create multicast transmissions

  • Manage multicast transmissions

How to Modify the BCD Store Using Bcdedit

  • To view the contents of the BCD store

  • To configure the default selection time-out value

  • To configure a localized boot manager experience

  • To configure the TFTP block size and window size

  • To configure Windows debugger options