Windows Azure Pack architecture

Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server is made up of several required and optional components. This architectural overview provides suggested machine topologies for these components in both an express and distributed deployments.

Express deployment architecture


You can use the express installation to create a proof of concept deployment. In an Express deployment, all of the Windows Azure Pack required components are installed on the same machine. If you want to also install optional components you will need additional machines. The express deployment should not be used in a production environment.


Basic distributed deployment architecture

In a distributed deployment, you can install the required components on up to 8 machines. A distributed deployment can be used in a production environment. The following diagram shows a basic distributed architecture of required components for a system designed to provide services to external customers.



Minimal distributed deployment architecture

The following diagram depicts the suggested minimal architecture for a distributed deployment.


Scaled distributed deployment architecture

The following diagram shows a distributed deployment with scaling information.


Optional resource provider architecture

For sample topologies of the optional components, see the following help content.

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