Scan components of Windows Azure Pack

Now that you have installed MBCA 2.0 and BPA for Windows Azure Pack, you can start analyzing the components of Windows Azure Pack.

To scan components

1.   Sign in to a machine with components of Windows Azure Pack installed.

2.   On the Start menu, click Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0.

3.   On the MBCA 2.0 Home page, under Select a product, click Windows Azure Pack in the drop-down list.

4.   Click Start Scan. BPA for Windows Azure Pack applies the appropriate rules, based on the components of Windows Azure Pack that are detected on the local machine.

5.   When the scan is complete, click View Report to see the results.

6.   On the All tab, you can find all the noncompliant and the compliant results. Click the Noncompliant tab to see a list of error/warnings for rules that the machine violated. You can take the following actions to learn more about each warning:

a.   Click the + next to the machine name to see the list of rules.

b.   Click the rule to see details about the warning.

c.   If you don't want to see this warning again, click Exclude this Result. This is not recommended.

7.   For each issue, you should follow the instructions that are described in Resolution.


For further information about MBCA 2.0, click Help.