How to use the runbook dashboard

The runbook dashboard page displays summary information about runbook jobs for a selected runbook. A runbook job is a single time-stamped record from when a runbook is run. Click the check box icon next to a job state; for example, Stopped) to show or hide its colored graph line. You can adjust the graph to show absolute or relative scale, or change the time interval being displayed.

The dashboard graph includes the following information..





The number of jobs that did not compile successfully. Typical reasons for failure include a workflow name that is not valid, and activities that are not recognized.


The number of jobs that were stopped by the administrator before they were completed.


The number of jobs that were suspended due to errors before they were completed. A suspended job can be stopped or resumed.


The number of jobs that were completed successfully.


The number of jobs that are currently running.


For more detailed guidance to understand, create, test, and publish runbooks, see Authoring Runbooks in Service Management Automation.