View the status of a runbook job

The Dashboard tab for a selected runbook job enables you to view information about the job, such as runbook name, job status, and input and return parameters. You can use this page to obtain the account name of the person who started the runbook, for audit purposes. You can use the Command bar command to stop, suspend, or resume a runbook job, depending on the job’s current status.

To view the status of a runbook job

1.   In the management portal, click Automation.

2.   Click Runbooks.

3.   Click the name of the runbook for which you want to view runbook jobs.

4.   Click the Jobs tab.

5.   Click the name of the runbook job that you want to view.

6.   Click the Dashboard tab.

7.   View the details for the job, or Stop, Resume, or Suspend the job.

For more detailed guidance to understand, create, test, and publish runbooks, see Authoring Runbooks in Service Management Automation.