How to schedule a runbook

The Schedule tab for a runbook in the Automation feature of Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server enables you to view and change the schedules that are associated with a runbook. A runbook can be associated with more than one schedule. For example, you can set up a weekly schedule, and also run the runbook on the first of each month.

To add a schedule

1.   In the management portal, click Automation.

2.   Click Runbooks.

3.   Click the name of the runbook to which you want to attach a schedule.

4.   Click Schedule.

5.   In the Command bar, click Schedule, and then do one of the following:

·      Click Add New to create a new schedule for the runbook.

·      Click Use Existing to attach an existing schedule to the runbook.

6.   After you create or select a schedule, you can click View Details to review the schedule.

The runbooks will run according to your attached schedules.

For more detailed guidance to understand, create, test, and publish runbooks, see Authoring Runbooks in Service Management Automation.