Common runbook tasks

Runbooks in Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server are Windows PowerShell workflows that provide the ability to automate administrative processes for managing and deploying cloud servers or any other function that a Windows PowerShell script can perform.

Common tasks

The following are some of the most common runbook tasks to perform using Automation in Windows Azure Pack. For more detailed guidance to understand, create, test, and publish runbooks, see Authoring Runbooks in Service Management Automation.

·      Set or change the Service Management Automation endpoint

Enables Windows Azure Pack to access the Service Management Automation web service.

·      How to change log settings for a runbook

The amount and type of data that is logged.

·      How to use the runbook dashboard

Resources and operations that are available on the runbook dashboard.

·      View the status of a runbook job

Completion status, errors, and details for runbook jobs.

·      How to start a runbook

Start a runbook from Windows Azure Pack.

·      How to schedule a runbook

Attach one or more schedules to a runbook.