Add VMM stamps to Virtual Machine Clouds

In the topic How is the management portal for administrators associated with Service Provider Foundation?, we saw that once you configured the VM Clouds service, the stamps that are already existing in Service Provider Foundation are listed as stamps under the Clouds tab on the management portal for administrators. Once you have configured the VM Clouds service to use the Service Provider Foundation endpoint, you can also associate more stamps with Service Provider Foundation, directly from the management portal for administrators. This topic provides instructions on how to add more stamps to a Service Provider Foundation server.

To add stamps to VM Cloud

1.   From the management portal for administrators, from the command bar, click New, click VM Clouds, and then click Connect To.

2.   Specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the VMM server or stamp. Optionally, you can also provide the port number or the remote desktop gateway FQDN for the VMM server.

3.   Click Register. The VMM Server (or stamp) that you specified, as well the clouds existing on that stamp, will be listed under the Clouds tab on the portal.

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