Cmdlet Reference for Windows Azure Pack Administration Cmdlets

Microsoft Corporation

Published: November 1, 2013

Applies To

Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server


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November 1, 2013

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Add-MgmtSvcAddOn. 5

Add-MgmtSvcAddOnService. 10

Add-MgmtSvcListQuota. 14

Add-MgmtSvcPlan. 17

Add-MgmtSvcPlanAddOn. 23

Add-MgmtSvcPlanService. 27

Add-MgmtSvcQuotaSetting. 31

Add-MgmtSvcResourceProvider 34

Add-MgmtSvcSubscription. 51

Add-MgmtSvcSubscriptionAddon. 56

Add-MgmtSvcUser 60

Disable-MgmtSvcSubscription. 66

Enable-MgmtSvcSubscription. 70

Get-MgmtSvcAddOn. 74

Get-MgmtSvcPlan. 77

Get-MgmtSvcPlanMetrics. 80

Get-MgmtSvcResourceProvider 84

Get-MgmtSvcSubscription. 87

Get-MgmtSvcSubscriptionUsage. 91

Get-MgmtSvcToken. 94

Get-MgmtSvcUser 98

Move-MgmtSvcSubscription. 102

New-MgmtSvcQuotaList 106

Remove-MgmtSvcAddOn. 108

Remove-MgmtSvcAddOnService. 112

Remove-MgmtSvcPlan. 116

Remove-MgmtSvcPlanAddOn. 120

Remove-MgmtSvcPlanService. 124

Remove-MgmtSvcResourceProvider 128

Remove-MgmtSvcSubscription. 132

Remove-MgmtSvcSubscriptionAddon. 136

Remove-MgmtSvcUser 140

Set-MgmtSvcAddOn. 144

Set-MgmtSvcPlan. 149

Set-MgmtSvcResourceProvider 155

Set-MgmtSvcUser 171

Sync-MgmtSvcAddOn. 177

Sync-MgmtSvcPlan. 181

Sync-MgmtSvcSubscription. 184

Test-MgmtSvcResourceProvider 188

Update-MgmtSvcAddOnQuota. 205

Update-MgmtSvcCoAdministrator 209

Update-MgmtSvcPlanQuota. 213