You can deploy your custom image by using Windows® Setup.

In build-to-order (BTO) deployment methods, all customizations are completed either as described in Phase 3: Preparing and Customizing Your Windows Image, or in audit mode.

By using Windows Setup, you can apply a second answer file (Unattend.xml) to your custom image. You can use the second answer file to customize your image during deployment. For example, you can apply different disk configurations or add additional drivers and applications.

In BTO deployment methods, Windows Setup is used to deploy and create a reference computer. This reference computer is used for capturing and applying images. For more information, see Capture and Apply Windows Images.

In This Section

Walkthrough: Deploy Windows by Booting from a DVD

Describes the simplest method for installing Windows onto new hardware, which is to start directly from the Windows product DVD with an answer file called Autounattend.xml.

Walkthrough: Deploy Windows by Using a Configuration Set

Describes how to deploy Windows by using a configuration set.

Walkthrough: Deploy Windows by using Windows Setup with a Custom Image

Describes how to deploy a custom image using Windows Setup.

Installing Windows to an EFI-Based Computer

Describes how to install Windows on an EFI-based computer.

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