Oobe.xml is a content file used to collect text and images for customizing Windows® Welcome, OEM First Run application, and ISP Signup. To build a single Windows image that contains multiple languages to deliver to more than one country or region, you can add multiple Oobe.xml files to customize the content based on the language and country/region selections of the customer.


A sample of Oobe.xml is provided with the Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit (Windows OPK) and Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) in the \Samples directory. These files contain references to the fictitious OEM Fabrikam. To use these samples in a production environment, remove all references to Fabrikam and replace the ancillary files with appropriate information and content for your deployment.

In This Section

What Is Oobe.xml?

Describes how to use Oobe.xml as a content file to customize the user experience.

How Oobe.xml Works

Describes how the Oobe.xml works when deploying to different languages.

Oobe.xml Settings

Describes how to use each optional setting.

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