The following procedure describes how to add a list item to an answer file by using Windows® System Image Manager (Windows SIM).

List items are settings that contain one or more items of the same type to configure. For example, the Internet Explorer FavoritesList is used to specify multiple Favorites links.

To add a list item to an answer file

  1. Open Windows SIM.

  2. Open a Windows image.

    For more information, see Open a Windows Image or Catalog File.

  3. Open or create an answer file.

    For more information, see Create a New Answer File or Open an Answer File.

  4. In the Windows Image pane, add the component or setting to the answer file.

  5. In the Answer File pane, right-click the list item, and then click Insert.

    Windows SIM inserts a new list item type. For example, right-click the DriverPaths setting and select Insert new PathAndCredentials. A new PathAndCredentials setting is added to the answer file.

  6. To add additional list items, repeat the previous step.

    Each list item should contain a unique Key value to differentiate the list item from other list items of the same type.

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