Virtual Machine Servicing Tool Help  

Working with Servicing Jobs

The Virtual Machine Servicing Tool uses servicing jobs to perform the actual work of providing software updates to virtual machines. For each virtual machine, the servicing job "wakes" the virtual machine by deploying it to a host and starting it, triggers the appropriate software update cycle (using Configuration Manager or WSUS), and then shuts down the updated virtual machine and returns it to the library. To keep your virtual machines compliant, consider setting up servicing jobs to update them on a regular basis.

You can create servicing jobs in the following two ways:

You can also edit scheduled servicing jobs. However, you cannot edit completed servicing jobs.

Important   You cannot copy or edit servicing jobs that are in progress.

You can use the New Servicing Job Wizard to create the following types of servicing jobs:

Use the procedures in the following sections to create and edit each different type of servicing job as needed for your environment.