Virtual Machine Servicing Tool Help  

Using the Virtual Machine Servicing Tool

The Virtual Machine Servicing Tool is straightforward to use:

  1. If you want, you can configure groups of virtual machines, virtual machine templates, or virtual hard disks (VHDs). Grouping them in this way helps to simplify the process of creating servicing jobs.
  2. You can also create and schedule servicing jobs for virtual machines, virtual machine templates, or VHDs. A servicing job specifies which virtual machines, virtual machine templates, or .vhd files to update, what resources to use for the update process, and when to start the servicing job. You can schedule jobs to run immediately, or to run during low-traffic maintenance windows.

To keep your virtual machines compliant, consider setting up servicing jobs to update them every two weeks.

Important   To use the tool, use an account that has administrative permissions on the Configuration Manager server, the VMM server, the virtual machines, and the maintenance hosts. In addition, this account must be a member of the Delegated Administrator user role in VMM. This role must also have access to the hyper-V hosts and the library servers intended to be used with this tool. This user account should also have read and write permission on the library shares where the Virtual hard disks to be serviced reside.

In This Section

Working with Groups

Deleting Virtual Machine Groups

Working with Servicing Jobs

Deleting Servicing Jobs

Reviewing the Status of Servicing Jobs

Modifying Servicing Job Time-out Values