Virtual Machine Servicing Tool Help  

Log Files for the Virtual Machine Servicing Tool

Each servicing job generates its own log file. Log files are stored as XML files on the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) server, in the Log folder located in the %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool folder.

The log file contains one Job section. The job information includes the description of the job and its current status. For example, the Job section for a virtual machine servicing job contains a VMList section, which lists the virtual machines serviced by this job. Information for each virtual machine includes:

To see more detailed information about the results of the servicing job for each virtual machine, refer to your software update management system:

Important   Status information about the virtual machines may not reach the software update management system immediately. Especially in the case of Configuration Manager, some time may pass before the virtual machine records in the configuration database are updated. This delay depends on factors such as the size and complexity of your infrastructure.

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