Virtual Machine Servicing Tool Help  

Creating or Editing Stopped Virtual Machine Groups

Use the following procedures to create or edit a stopped virtual machine group.

To create a stopped virtual machine group

  1. In the Actions pane, under Update Stopped Virtual Machines on Hosts, click New Group.
    Note   If you cannot view the Actions pane, on the main toolbar, click Actions to display it.
  2. On the Create a Stopped Virtual Machine Group page of the New Stopped Virtual Machine Group Wizard, type a name and a description for the group. You can use the description to help identify the group, for example if the group name is standardized and you need additional "friendly" information to easily identify the group.

    Also on this page, if you select the In the available list, include virtual machines in saved state or with checkpoints option, saved state virtual machines appear that you can then add to the Selected virtual machines list.

  3. If your Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) system has more than one host, expand the Virtual machine host drop-down list, and then click the name of the virtual machine host that holds the virtual machines with which you want to work.
  4. In the Available stopped virtual machines list, select the stopped virtual machines to place in this group, click the arrow button to move them into the Selected virtual machines list (click the double-arrow button to move all of the virtual machines into the list).
  5. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

To edit an existing stopped virtual machine group

  1. In the Groups pane of the tool console, expand the Virtual Machine Servicing Tool Groups tree node, and then click the Virtual Machines on Host Groups node to display the current list of stopped virtual machine groups in the results pane of the tool console.
  2. In the list of offline virtual machine groups, select the group you want to edit, and then in the Actions pane, under Update Stopped Virtual Machines on Hosts, click Edit Group.
  3. On the Edit Group page, you can change the description of the stopped virtual machine group, and you can add or remove stopped virtual machines. Remember that all of the stopped virtual machines in the group must be on the same host.
  4. Click Finish to complete the wizard.