Tests PRO integration between VMM and Operations Manager.


The Test-SCPROTip cmdlet tests integration between System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and System Center Operations Manager. After creating a connection with Operations Manager and configuring Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO) monitors, runTest-SCPROTip to validate that PRO integration is functioning correctly. Test-SCPROTip creates a new warning PRO alert in Operations Manager, invokes a remediation, and then implements the fix for the PRO tip.  

For more information about Test-SCPROTip, type: "Get-Help Test-SCPROTip -online".



Required? false
Accept Pipeline Input? false
Position? named
Specifies a VMM server object.


1. Test PRO integration between VMM and Operations Manager.
PS C:\> $PROTipJob = Test-SCPROTip
PS C:\> $PROTipJob
The first command runs the Test-SCPROTip operation and stores the associated job in the variable called PROTipJob.

The second command verifies the status of the test PRO Tip.  The status may also be viewed in the Virtual Machine Manager job interface.

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