Resets the state of a specified PRO monitor.


The Reset-SCPROMonitorState cmdlet resets the state of a specified PRO Monitor.

For more information about Reset-SCPROMonitorState, type: "Get-Help Reset-SCPROMonitorState -online".



Required? true
Accept Pipeline Input? true (ByValue)
Position? named
Specifies a PRO monitor state object.


Required? false
Accept Pipeline Input? false
Position? named
Specifies a VMM server object.


1: Reset a PRO monitor state.
PS C:\> $VMHost = Get-SCVMHost ""
PS C:\> $PROMonitorState = @(Get-SCPROMonitorState -VMHost $VMHost)
PS C:\> Reset-SCProMonitorState -PROMonitorState $PROMonitorState[0]
The first command gets the host object named VMHost01 and stores the object in the $VMHost variable.

The second comand gets all PRO monitor state objects on VMHost01 and stores the objects in the $PROMonitorState object array. This example assumes that there are multiple PRO monitors on VMHost01.

The last command resets the first PRO monitor state object stored in $PROMonitorState.

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