Gets the steps for the specified VMM job.


The Get-SCStep cmdlet gets the steps for the specified System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) job.

A job is composed of one or more steps, each of which has its own status. An earlier step must complete or be skipped before the next step runs.

For more information about Get-SCStep, type: "Get-Help Get-SCStep -online".



Required? true
Accept Pipeline Input? true (ByValue)
Position? 0
Specifies a VMM job object.


Required? false
Accept Pipeline Input? false
Position? named
Specifies the name of a VMM object.


1: Get all steps for a specified job.
PS C:\> $Job = Get-SCJob -ID "cb3a0f0a-9fbc-4bd0-a999-3fae8cd77177"
PS C:\> $Steps = Get-SCStep -Job $Job
PS C:\> $Steps.Children
The first command gets the VMM job object with the ID cb3a0f0a-9fbc-4bd0-a999-3fae8cd77177 and stores the object in the $Job variable.

The second command gets the step object for the VMM job in $Job.

The last command lists information about each step for the VMM job, including a description of the step, its progress, and its status.

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