Gets VMM library shares.


The Get-SCLibraryShare cmdlet gets System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) library shares. 

A library share is a Windows share on a VMM library server that is used to store files that contain library resources. Resources can include virtual machine templates, hardware profiles, guest operating system profiles, virtual hard disks (Windows-based .vhd files, Citrix XenServer-based .vhd files or VMware-based .vmdk files), virtual floppy disks (Windows-based .vfd files or VMware-based .flp files), ISO images (.iso files), and scripts, as well as stored virtual machines. 

For more information about library shares, type: "Get-Help Add-LibraryShare -detailed".

For more information about Get-SCLibraryShare, type: "Get-Help Get-SCLibraryShare -online".



Required? false
Accept Pipeline Input? false
Position? named
Specifies the numerical identifier (as a globally unique identifier, or GUID) for a specific object.


Required? false
Accept Pipeline Input? true (ByValue)
Position? named
Specifies a VMM server object.


1: Get all library shares.
PS C:\> Get-SCLibraryShare -VMMServer ""
This command gets all library share objects from the VMM library on VMMServer01 and displays information about these library shares to the user.
2: Get a specific library share on the specified library server.
PS C:\> $LibShare = Get-SCLibraryShare -VMMServer "" | where { $_.LibraryServer.Name -eq "" -and $_.Name -eq "AllVHDs" }
This command gets the library share object named AllVHDs (on library server LibraryServer01) from the library on VMMServer01 and then stores the share object in the $LibShare variable. 
3: Get all library shares on a specific library server.
PS C:\> $LibServer = Get-SCLibraryServer -VMMServer "" -ComputerName ""
PS C:\> $AllLibShares = Get-SCLibraryShare | where { $_.LibraryServer.Name -eq "$LibServer" } 
PS C:\> $AllLibShares | Get-Member
The first command retrieves the library server object named LibraryServer01 from the library on VMMServer01 and stores it in the $LibServer variable. 

The second command gets all library share objects on LibraryServer01 and stores the objects in the $AllLibShares variable. 

The last command passes each object in $AllLibShares to the Get-Member cmdlet, which displays the .NET type for a library share object and the list of methods and properties that are associated with a VMM library share object.

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