Gets the custom placment rules for a placement configuration.


The Get-SCCustomPlacementRule cmdlet gets the customm placement rules that have been added to the placement configuration for a host group.

For more information about Get-SCCustomPlacementRule, type: "Get-Help Get-SCCustomPlacementRule -online".



Required? true
Accept Pipeline Input? true (ByValue)
Position? named
Specifies a placement configuration object.


Required? false
Accept Pipeline Input? false
Position? named
Prompts for confirmation before running the command.


Required? false
Accept Pipeline Input? false
Position? named
Specifies a VMM server object.


1: Get all of the custom placement rules for a specified host group.
PS C:\> $HostGroup = Get-SCVMHostGroup "HostGroup01"
PS C:\> $PlacementConfig = Get-SCPlacementConfiguration -VMHostGroup $HostGroup
PS C:\> $CustomPlacementRule = Get-SCCustomPlacementRule -PlacementConfiguration $PlacementConfig
PS C:\> $CustomPlacementRule
The first command gets the host group object named HostGroup01 and stores the object in the $HostGroup variable.

The second command gets the placement configuration object for the host group stored in $HostGroup and places the object in the $PlacementConfig variable.

The third command gets all custom placement rule objects for the placement configuration stored in $PlacementConfig and stores the objects in the $CustomPlacementRule variable.

The last command displays information about the custom placement rules stored in $CustomPlacementRule for the user.

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