Gets the cloud capacity for a private cloud.


The Get-SCCloudCapacity cmdlet gets the cloud capacity for a private cloud in System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). Cloud capacity includes settings for the number of virtual machines, number of virtual CPUs, custom quota points, storage, and memory assigned to a private cloud.

For more information about Get-SCCloudCapacity, type: "Get-Help Get-SCCloudCapacity -online".



Required? true
Accept Pipeline Input? true (ByValue)
Position? 0
Specifies a private cloud object.


1: Get the cloud capacity for a specified private cloud.
PS C:\> $Cloud = Get-SCCloud -Name "Cloud01"
PS C:\> Get-SCCloudCapacity -Cloud $Cloud

The first command gets the private cloud object named Cloud01 and stores the object in the $Cloud variable.

The second command gets the cloud capacity for the private cloud object stored in $Cloud, and displays information about the cloud capacity to the user.

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