Adds a Windows Server Update Services computer to VMM.


The Add-SCUpdateServer cmdlet adds a Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) computer to System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). Adding a WSUS computer integrates VMM with WSUS setup and enables the update management feature.

For more information about Add-SCUpdateServer, type: "Get-Help Add-SCUpdateServer -online".



1: Add an update server.
PS C:\> $Credential = Get-SCRunAsAccount -Name "RunAsAccount01"
PS C:\> Add-SCUpdateServer –ComputerName “WSUSComputer01” –TCPPort 80 –Credential $Credential
The first command gets the Run As account object named RunAsAccount01 and stores the object in the $Credential variable.  

The second command adds update server WSUSComputer01 to VMM, enabling update servicing functionality. As this command is processed, $Credential provides Run As account credentials to Add-SCUpdateServer.

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