If you reinstall Windows® or Microsoft® Office 2010 on a computer that was initially activated using proxy activation (MAK, retail, or KMS host), and have not made significant changes to the hardware, use this local reactivation procedure to reactivate the program on that computer.

Local reactivation relies upon data from the Computer Information List (CIL) file that was created during the initial proxy activation. The full-saved CIL file contains the installation ID (IID) and confirmation ID (Pending CID). Local reactivation uses the CIL file to reapply the CID and reactivate those products. Reapplying the same CID conserves the remaining activations on the key.


During the initial proxy activation, the CID is bound to a digital “fingerprint”, which is calculated from values assigned to several different hardware components in the computer. If the computer has had significant hardware changes, this fingerprint will no longer match the CID. In this case, you must obtain a new CID for the computer from Microsoft.

To perform a local reactivation

  1. Open the VAMT Microsoft ® Management Console snap-in.

  2. Open the full-save CIL that contains IIDs and CIDs.

  3. In the product list view in the center pane, select the desired products to be reactivated.

  4. Right-click the selected products to display the context-sensitive Actions menu, or choose from the Action menu on the top menu bar, or choose from the context-sensitive Selected Items menu from the right-hand pane.

  5. In the menu, click Activate and then click Apply Confirmation ID to display the Apply Confirmation ID dialog box.

  6. Check the Force exact IID match check box if the hardware has not changed significantly since the initial proxy activation and you are using the same product key to reactivate. If the computer’s hardware has changed significantly since initial activation, clear the Force exact IID match check box. Note that the selected products might not be successfully reactivated in this scenario.

    If you are using a different product key than the product key used for initial activation, you must complete a new activation to obtain a new CID.

  7. If you are activating a product that requires administrator credentials different from the ones you are currently using, select the Use Alternate Credentials check box.

  8. Click OK.

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