You can use the Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) to install retail, MAK and KMS host keys.

  1. Open the VAMT Microsoft® Management Console snap-in

  2. Click All Products or any sub-node and choose the desired products.

  3. Choose Install Product Key from right-click context-sensitive Actions menu, or from the Action menu on the top menu bar, or from the Selected Items menu in the right-hand pane. The VAMT will display the available product keys in the next dialog box.

  4. Select the product key you want to install and click OK. Note that only one key can be installed.

  5. The VAMT displays the Installing product key progress window while it attempts to install the product key to the selected products. When the process is finished, the status will appear in the Action Status column of the progress window. Click Close to close the progress window.

    The same status is shown under the Status of the last action column in the product list view in the center pane.


Product key installation will fail if mismatched key types or editions are found. The VAMT will display the failure status and continue the installation for the next product in the list. For more information on choosing the correct MAK or KMS host key, see How to Choose the Right Volume License Key for Windows (

Additional considerations

The VAMT stores product keys in plain text in a full-save Computer Information List (CIL) file. Access to the VAMT, especially to the CIL files that may contain your organization's product keys, should therefore be limited to administrators.