Use the Save List or the Save List As dialog box to specify a file name and path when exporting Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) data to a Computer Information List (CIL) file. Choose these menu items from the context-sensitive Actions menu or from the Action menu on the top menu bar when the focus is on a node.

The following illustration shows a screenshot of the Save the Computer Information List dialog box:

Screenshot of Save the CIL dialog box

Selecting the Save only currently selected information check box ensures only the selected products in the product list view in the center pane are saved to the CIL file. All user-added product keys will be saved to the CIL file, regardless of this choice.


Saving the CIL file without selecting the Export only Installation ID and Product ID check box will save sensitive products and product-key information into a CIL file. To save only the non-sensitive information into a CIL file, see Import and Export VAMT Data topic.