The Volume Activation and Management Tool (VAMT) enables you to discover products on the computers on your network and track their license status.

Discover products on a computer

  1. Open the VAMT Microsoft® Management Console snap-in.

  2. Add computer(s) to the product list view.

  3. Select one or more computers, right-click to display the context-sensitive Actions menu, or choose from the Action menu on the top menu bar, or choose from the Selected Items menu in the right-hand pane.

  4. On the menu, select Update Status and choose a credential option. Choose Alternate Credentials only if you are discovering products that require administrator credentials different from the ones you are currently logged into the computer with.

  5. If you are supplying alternate credentials, at the prompt, type the appropriate user name and password and click OK.

The VAMT will display the Collecting product information dialog box while it collects the status of all installed products on the selected computers. VAMT will discover OEM, retail and volume license products of Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows® operating systems. When the process is finished, the newly discovered products and their licensing status will appear in the product list-view pane in the center pane. The VAMT will not provide status for Windows XP and Windows Server® 2003.


Depending on the number of discovered products on the computers, there can be multiple entries of products having the same computer name under the Computer Name column in the product list view, and consequently the total number of discovered products could expand.

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