System Center Updates Publisher rules can be edited from the Manage Rules dialog box or from the Expression Builder tool in the Modify Update Wizard. The following procedures provide the steps to edit rules from each location.

To edit rules from the Manage Rules dialog box

  1. Right-click any Updates Publisher console tree node, and then click Manage Rules to open the Manage Rules dialog box.

  2. Highlight a rule, and then click Edit to open the Edit Rule dialog box.

To edit rules from the Expression Builder

  1. In the Updates Publisher console tree, select the product node for the software update that needs to be modified.

  2. In the results pane, right-click the software update, and then click Edit to start the Modify Update Wizard.

  3. Go to the Define Prerequisite Rules, Define Applicability Rules, or Define Installed Rules page of the wizard to locate the Expression Builder tool. All of the rules currently defined for each category are listed in the rows of the Expression Builder. If the rules are difficult to see, click Expand to open the Expression Builder in full-screen mode.

  4. Double-click the rule that needs to be edited to open the Modify Rule dialog box.

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