Use the Publish Wizard in the System Center Updates Publisher to publish the software updates that have the publishing flag set to a configured update server. Before the wizard can publish software updates to the update server, at least one software update must be flagged for publishing in the Updates Publisher console, and the update server and digital certificate used to sign the software updates must be specified in the Settings dialog box.

System Center Updates Publisher 4.0 added support for updates that have dependencies, such as drivers and bundles. During the publishing process, the updates and their dependencies are published to the update server. Updates with dependencies will fail to publish to the update server when the dependencies are not available in the Updates Publisher or Windows Server Update Services database. The publish process will continue for other updates that have been flagged for publish.

For more information about configuring the update server setting and configuring the certificate store on the update server, see How to Configure the Update Server.

Updates Publisher 4.5 provides a proxy server credentials dialog box when the connection fails for the current user. When this dialog box displays, enter the proxy server name, port, and the user name and password for an account that has appropriate proxy server permissions.

The wizard contains the following pages:

In This Section

Summary Page

Provides a summary of the properties configured in the wizard.
Progress Page

Displays the current task and progress for publishing the software updates to the configured update server.
Confirmation Page

Displays a summary of whether the software updates were successfully published to the update server, and if not, what error occurred.

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