When software updates in System Center Updates Publisher are no longer needed or when updates have been replaced with newer versions, they can be expired in Updates Publisher and then republished to the update server. The expiration status prevents computers from scanning for and installing software updates that were previously published, but are no longer needed.

There is no way to unexpire a software update that has been set to Expired and then published to the update server. The expire status for software updates can be modified before publishing the updates.

Use the following procedure to set the expire status on software updates.

To set the expire status on software updates

  1. In the Updates Publisher console tree pane, select an Updates Publisher product node.

  2. Select one or more software updates that need to be expired, right-click the updates, click Set Expire Status, and then click Expired.

  3. Click Yes to confirm that the software updates should be set to the expire status. A value of True is displayed in the Expire column of the Results pane for the software updates that have been expired.

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