System Center Updates Publisher has hardware, software, and security requirements that must be met before it can be installed. There are settings that must be configured before performing tasks in Updates Publisher, such as allowing administrators to import software updates catalogs, creating and modifying software updates definitions, exporting update definitions to catalogs, and publishing software updates definitions to a configured update server. There are also procedures for backing up and restoring the Updates Publisher database. Moreover, there are steps for troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may occur in Updates Publisher.

This administrator checklist provides lists of the information and procedures that are necessary to prepare the environment and install Updates Publisher, configure Updates Publisher settings, use Updates Publisher features, back up and restore the Updates Publisher database, and troubleshoot Updates Publisher issues.

Updates Publisher Prerequisites and Installation

The following table provides links to information about Updates Publisher prerequisites and security requirements, and the procedure for installing Updates Publisher.

Step Reference

Review the system requirements for Updates Publisher.

Requirements for Updates Publisher

Review the security requirements for Updates Publisher.

Security Considerations for Updates Publisher

Install Updates Publisher.

How to Install Updates Publisher

Updates Publisher Settings

The following table provides links to procedures for configuring Updates Publisher settings. The data source location is configured during Setup, and the other settings are required only for particular tasks or to modify the default security for digital certificates.

Step Reference

Configure an import list that specifies one or more software update catalog locations that can be imported in bulk, and automatically check for updated catalogs.

How to Manage the Catalogs in the Import List

Publish software updates to an update server, and specify the digital certificate used to sign the updates.

How to Configure the Update Server

Modify the database location for Updates Publisher.

How to Configure the Data Source for Updates Publisher

Remove publishers that were added to the Trusted Publishers list while importing the catalog for the publisher.

How to Remove Trusted Publishers

Configure whether to check that digitally signed catalogs are on the approved list for the Certification Authority and whether warnings about Windows Installer packages that were installed on a per-user basis are displayed.

How to Disable the Per-User MSI Warning

Updates Publisher Features

The following table provides links to procedures for using Updates Publisher features.

Step Reference

Create a new software update definition.

How to Create a Software Update Definition

Import catalogs that have been previously created at another location into this Updates Publisher database.

How to Import Software Updates Catalogs

Publish software updates to an update server.

How to Publish Software Updates to an Update Server

Export software updates catalogs or export a test catalog to verify that the rules for the updates work as expected.

How to Export Software Updates

Back Up and Troubleshoot Updates Publisher

The following table provides links to procedures for backing up the Updates Publisher database and for troubleshooting issues.

Step Reference

Back up the Updates Publisher database.

How to Back Up the Updates Publisher Database

Troubleshoot Updates Publisher issues.

Troubleshooting Updates Publisher

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