Before using System Center Updates Publisher, review the following topics for information and recommended best practices for using Updates Publisher.

In This Section

Requirements for Updates Publisher

Provides the minimum requirements for installing and using Updates Publisher.
Updates Publisher Administrator Checklist

Provides the information and procedures that are necessary to prepare the environment and install System Center Updates Publisher, configure Updates Publisher settings, use the Updates Publisher features, back up the Updates Publisher database, and troubleshoot Updates Publisher issues.
Updates Publisher Client Computer Requirements

Provides information about what requirements are necessary before published software updates can be scanned for and installed on client computers.
Languages in Updates Publisher

Provides a list of the supported languages in Updates Publisher.
Security Considerations for Updates Publisher

Provides information about the security configurations that are required to install and use Updates Publisher.
Upgrading to Updates Publisher

Provides information about upgrading previous versions of the publishing tool to System Center Updates Publisher.
How to Install Updates Publisher

Specifies how to install Updates Publisher.
Best Practices for Updates Publisher

Provides recommended best practices for using Updates Publisher.