The Data Source tab in the Settings dialog box is used to configure the SQL Server computer and instance names for the System Center Updates Publisher data source. When the data source location is modified, Updates Publisher connects to the specified SQL Server computer and instance of SQL Server. The SQL Server computer must be accessible to the user using Updates Publisher, and the database must be created before configuring it as the data source. For more information about creating the Updates Publisher database on a new server, see How to Create the Updates Publisher Database.

Changing the data source from one database to another does not affect the software update definition information in Updates Publisher. The update definition information remains as it was after changing the data source back to a previously specified database. This approach allows administrators to manage update definitions in multiple databases from Updates Publisher.

The following procedure provides the steps necessary to configure the data source.

To configure the Updates Publisher data source

  1. Right-click any console tree node item in Updates Publisher, and then click Settings to open the Settings dialog box.

  2. On the Data Source tab, in the Server name text box, enter the SQL Server computer name or SQL Server computer and instance of SQL Server where the Updates Publisher database is located. For example, MyServerName or MyServerName\InstanceName. If the server name is entered without an instance name, the default instance is used.

  3. Click Test Connection to validate the data source. A message is displayed indicating whether the connection test succeeded or failed. If the connection failed:

    1. Verify the SQL Server computer name.

    2. Verify that the database has been created with the appropriate permissions for the using Updates Publisher

    3. Verify that SQL Server computer and database are accessible to the user using Updates Publisher.

    4. Retest the connection.

  4. Click OK to exit the Settings dialog box.

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