Use the Modify Catalog dialog box in System Center Updates Publisher to modify the information for the highlighted catalog in the import list. Catalogs that have been added to an import list can be bulk imported in the Import Software Updates Catalog Wizard and automatically checked for newer versions when Updates Publisher opens. The Modify Catalog dialog box is opened from the Import List tab in the Settings dialog box by highlighting a catalog in the import list, and then clicking Edit.

This dialog box contains the following elements:

Choose Path

Specifies the software updates catalog file local drive path, network path, or URL path. For example, c:\MyFolder\, \\MyServer\MyShare\, or http://MyServer/ This path is used to import the catalog file and must be accessible to the user that initiates the import process.

Specifies the publisher for the software updates catalog. This is an optional field.

Specifies the friendly name for the catalog to help identify it in the import list. This is an optional field.

Specifies the description for the catalog. This is an optional field.

Specifies a URL or an e-mail address to use when support for the catalog is needed. This is an optional field.
Require approval of unsigned catalogs from this location during import

Specifies that catalogs that are not signed with a digital certificate will require approval before they are imported. This is the default setting.
Always flag these updates for publishing

Specifies whether to automatically set the publishing flag for all software updates imported from the catalog. This setting is not enabled by default.

Saves the changes and returns to the Settings dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes and returns to the Settings dialog box.

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